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An Amazing Martial Art School in San Jose


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Martial Arts for Kids, Teens & Adults

3 to 5 YEARS OLD

This is our LITTLE WARRIORS Program.  It is a 30 minute work out offered 3-Days per week to help with the development of young children and prepare them for success in life!

6 to 11 YEARS OLD

This is our MARTIAL ARTS FOR KIDS Program.  It teaches the FOCUS, DISCIPLINE and SELF-DEFENSE through the Original Style of Taekwon-Do (the martial art style) to children.


Martial Arts are just as FUN for Adults as they are for kids.  As an you need outlets to let out your stress and frustration.  This is a place you can have FUN, SOCIALIZE and get in GREAT SHAPE while learning SELF-DEFENSE.

Private Classes

We NOW offer Private Classes in our martial art school .  You can choose between 30, 45 and 60 minutes lessons.  Each private lesson will help students learn Taekwon-Do at an enhanced rate.

Martial Arts for Little Kids - Ages 3 to 5

Warrior Code Taekwon-Do Academy is one of the top Martial Art Schools in San Jose.  

This is our Little Warrior Program.  It is for children 3 to 5 years old.  It is a fun program which will set-up your child for success in life.

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Martial Arts for Kids - Ages 6 to 11

Warrior Code Taekwon-Do Academy is one of the top Martial Art Schools in San Jose. 

This is a short video to outline our school's program for ages 6-11.  

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Martial Arts for Teens & Adults - Ages 12 & Up

This is our Martial Arts for Teens and Adult Program.  This class is designed for male and females, 12 years of age and older.

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